Studebaker Avanti

Front Left Studebaker Avanti Sports Car Picture

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This Studebaker Avanti probably was customized to a certain extent as the Avanti never had dual headlights. Nevertheless, it represents how the Avanti looked. The car had high safety standards and was meant to be a four-seat luxury sports car. One model, driven by Andy Granatelli, set numerous speed and endurance records. It was thought to be ahead of its time.

In 1998 Michael sold his company to JJ Cafaro who renamed the company Avanti Automotive Corporation.

If only the officers who worked in past years for Studebaker had understood the real potential of their Champion, Gran Turisimo, Lark R2, Hawks, and Avanti and had used a bit more business sense, that is, to go out and make profits, Studebaker might be still in the auto building business today. One wonders what new styles would have been leading the industry.

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