1954 Studebaker Champion

Front Left Side Blue and White Studebaker Champion Car Picture
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The car in the picture above, a 1954 Studebaker Champion, would have cost around $1800 at that time. Today it is a collector's item and not always easy to find. This was the first year the vertical bars appeared in the chrome grill. It was powered by a flathead 170 cu. inch straight-six engine giving 85 HP. There were no other engine options at the time, however, it had the most advanced automatic transmission on the market.

The Champion was a Raymond Loewy design who was involved when the bullet-nose designs came out. In fact, Loewy and his team of designers had been involved with Studebaker back in the 30's. The Champion was low and very streamlined looking.

The automotive company, however, continued to have profit problems. In 1954, the Studebaker workers actually voted themselves a cut in pay although it could be considered too little, too late. Because of continued losses in each quarter, Studebaker pushed to get some kind of affiliation with Packard on the books.

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