1984 Avanti Avanti II

Rear Right Side Red 1984 Avanti (Studebaker) Avanti Car Picture
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The new owner of Avanti Motor Corporation, Steve Blake, wanted to increase the production of Avanti cars. He thought more profit was the goal of auto making. Blake was at the right place at the right time.

Blake had owned two Avanti cars before he approached Arnold Altman to buy his company. Altman wanted no part of any deal and was said to refuse even to take Blake's phone calls after dozens of calls until one day, unexpectedly, he accepted a $4.3 million deal. After two years of finding financing, Blake completed the deal on October 20, 1982.

At this point, Blake was intent on developing a faster auto building business than what had been done previously. He planned to redesign the car, modernize the factory and business, and drop the name Avanti II to just Avanti as it had originally been. He thought of competing with a car such as the Porsche.

Blake was instrumental in going after a new car design that would be called the Avanti GT. This GT model, however, never actually got built. Work was speeded up on regular production which was blamed later for quality problems. For example, there was one problem around this time where paint would not stick to the car. The 1984 model and 1985 models were released to the public but the year 1986 was skipped due to Blake's financial problems at the company.

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