1964 Studebaker Daytona

Front Right Black 1964 Studebaker Daytona Car  Picture

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The Daytona was a very impressive looking car, however, it did not come as a convertible or hardtop in 1964. Known as a Studebaker Lark Daytona the previous year, Studebaker had removed the Lark badging on its 1964 models. Henceforth, the car would be advertised as the Studebaker Daytona. It was a two-door coupe built on a 109 inch wheel base and would be built in Canada.

When the announcement was made that all Studebaker vehicles would be made in Canada, sales in United States took a nose dive. Units sold dropped from 73,277 in 1963 to 35,373 in 1964 and some of these cars had been previously built in the US as the Hamilton plant only produced 17,438 vehicles. The break even point required that 20,000 units be built and sold. Studebaker predicted a further sales decline would occur in 1965.

Technically, Studebaker did make a profit of $8 million in 1964 but it came in large measure from selling off Studebaker assets including their engine making division. This would have a detrimental effect when soon the Canadian plant had to look around to buy engines to put in their 1965 models. The company ended up buying engines from GM but at a cost of $130 more per engine than the Studebaker engine would have cost. The end for Studebaker was drawing near.

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