1964 Studebaker Cruiser

Front right Blue 1964 Studebaker Cruiser Car  Picture

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The Studebaker Larks had been updated with an inexpensive "major" redesign. Nevertheless, sales fell off. It was felt many would-be buyers were worried the company was getting ready to pack it in. The Canadian plant for Studebaker was building cars for both the United States and Canada at this point.

In Canada, there was no way to assemble the Hawks, Avanti, Challenger, or trucks so Studebaker withdrew those models from its lineup. The plant was under the control of Gordon Grundy, who felt he could manufacture enough cars per year to make the Studebaker division a profitable enterprise.

The Cruiser four-door sedan was built on a 113 inch wheel base. It was a dynamic restyled car which came with bolstered seats, pleated seat pockets, special carpeting, and comfortable fabrics. Powered by a V-8 289 cu. inch engine, available with a supercharger if so desired, the car was designed for performance as well.

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