1964 Studebaker Avanti

Rear Right Silver 1964 Studebaker Avanti Car Picture

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The picture above shows the "coke" shape to the side panels. It should be noted that the Studebaker Avanti was designed and built without undergoing wind tunnel tests, primarily because of cost and time. The car, however, was very effective considering the only testing for curvature was, more or less, done by sight and hand. The Avanti was noted for a wonderful mix of curves in its design. A Porsche designer remarked that the streamlining in the Avanti was almost perfect and couldn't believe the car had not been wind-tested.

There was a change to the headlights on the '64 Avanti in that some of the headlights that first appeared on the car had round enclosures and later some had square enclosures. This switch happened mid-way through the 1963 production year.

In December, 1963, Studebaker announced that it would stop building vehicles in the United States. The company would continue car production at a reduced rate at its plant in Hamilton, Ontario. The banks which Studebaker depended on for financing felt the auto division was bringing the firm down. They simply would not stretch out the present loans or lend Studebaker any more money unless the profitable divisions of the company were put up as collateral. The Board would not do this.

This was a real setback to those who saw good things happening in the plant re the design of the next Avanti to be called the Avanti II. Egbert had also expected to introduce a new full line of Studebaker models in 1964.

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