1963 Studebaker Avanti

Front Right Black 1963 Studebaker Avanti Car Picture

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Sherwood Egbert felt that Studebaker needed a chance to shine again in the car design world. If anything, Egbert was putting forth his best effort to revitalize the fading profits of the Studebaker Car Division. Things were set in motion at high speed and whatever changes were to be made had to come soon or the business could fail.

Normally, the development of a new car takes about three years but Egbert was trying to do just that in about one year. It would have to be sold to the board as a viable option. The car would have to be able to draw customers into the Studebaker showrooms.

Raymond Loewy returned to South Bend on March 9, 1961 and was very pleased to be working with Egbert who had a flare for design himself. Loewy had three assistants working with him: John Ebstein, Robert Andrews, and Thomas Kellogg. The group were able to produce a clay model of the car within two weeks.

There was a question of whether the car should be built with steel or fiberglass. A decision was made to go with the latter as steel could not be made to follow the rhythmic flow of curves on the structure. Chevrolet had used fiberglass on its Corvette with success.

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