1963 Studebaker R2 Super Hawk

Front Left Side Beige 1963 Studebaker Super Hawk Car Picture

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The R2 symbolizes that the car used a supercharger on its 289 cu. inch engine. Andy Granatelli had helped design the supercharger for this V-8 engine giving the car a top speed of around 140 mph. They had so much success with this on the GT Hawk that it was decided to offer it with the Studebaker Lark.

Along with the R2 cars came power-assisted disc brakes, front and rear heavy-duty shocks and springs, rear axle radius rods (traction bars), rear anti-roll bar, twin-traction rear axle, 6.70 x 15 four-ply tires, tachometer, and front and rear carpeting. Studebaker was giving good value for the money.

The car still had almost perfect styling for some customers but the actual production of the cars remained a problem. Sales were going down and profits drying up. The GT Hawk is considered one of the best styled cars ever to come out in the United States. It is felt by many that if Studebaker wasn`t having the financial problems that left the public unsure of its continuance, many more of this model could have been sold.

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