1963 Studebaker Avanti R2

Front Left Red 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2 Car Picture

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It is interesting to note that the Ford Mustang was being developed at the same time as was Avanti. In fact, the Avanti made it out in public two years prior the Mustang, hence Ford had time to take a look at the Avanti technology to see what improvements might be made for the Mustang.

In the early design stage, the Avanti was being built as a two-seater but a discussion led by Gene Hardig swayed the designers to go with a four-seater. It would have a V-8 engine, a four speed transmission, an optional supercharger, disk brakes, and a concealed safety roll bar. The car was meant to serve in the high performance grand touring niche. It had a well-designed interior and was blistering fast.

It first reached the public on May 1, 1962. Studebaker had a problem in that it could not deliver the number of cars being requested by the dealers. The 1963 Avanti had the honor of being on the cover of Motor Trend magazine in July, 1962. This served as good promotion for the four-seater sports coupe which came closest in concept to major auto models like Aston Martin, Bristol, and Jaguar.

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