1962 Studebaker Avanti

Front View Gold 1962 Studebaker Avanti Car Picture

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Sherwood Egbert was interested in having a new model for Studebaker with a European streamlined look. He felt the company needed a dynamic new car to amass customer interest again in Studebaker. Egbert believed such a model would bring customers into the showrooms. He took a series of sketches he had made to Raymond Loewy who had helped design Studebaker vehicles in the past. Loewy admired the work Egbert had done and decided to climb aboard the project. The name "Avanti" was credited to Egbert by Loewy but it remains uncertain exactly how it came about.

It was decided to build the body from fiberglass because of its successful use in the Chevrolet Corvette. Initially, the Avanti was to be a two-seater but a strong argument was made to have it as a four-seater in a luxury niche. Ford was working on its new Mustang model and some feel there was some "copy cat" ideas tossed back and forth between Ford and Studebaker.

The 289 cu. in. engine was helped with an optional Paxton supercharger for more horsepower. The Avanti also used adopted brakes from Jaguar. Two interior choices were offered: the deluxe and the regal.

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