1962 Studebaker Gran Turisimo Hawk

Left Side Blue 1962 Studebaker Hawk Gran Turisimo Car Picture

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The 1962 Studebaker Gran Turisimo Hawk was a straight forward update of the previous Hawks. The tail fins and the bumper guards had been deleted along with the fake hood scoop and the roof became more defined. A stainless steel panel was placed across the back of the trunk to hide the deck ribbing in the former Hawks. Most of the changes that took place were not too expensive with the overall design of the car. The car was a good example of how a generally effective update could be done on the cheap.

The dashboard featured easy-to-read gauges and the top part was padded so it became a crash pad. The dash design was thought to be the inspiration for future models in the Chrysler lineup.

The updates made to the Lark and Hawk series would not in themselves be enough to remain competitive in the market and Egbert brought out another Studebaker model called the Avanti to help regain the company's user base; however, it would prove to be too little too late.

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