1960 Studebaker Lark Station Wagon

Front Right Green 1960 Studebaker Lark Station Wagon Picture

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In 1956, Harold Churchill replaced James Nance as President of Studebaker Division. Churchill was not the type of "sales representative" president that he worked under in the past. He had the blood of a mechanic who loved to work on making better cars. Churchill worked in close liaison with Roy Hurley, the head of Curtiss-Wright, a company which put money into the Studebaker-Packard operations.

Both Churchill and Hurley agreed that the Packard Division was becoming a losing cause and the hope for tomorrow's car would be to offer a Studebaker designed for a niche market of smaller cars. They also saw benefits using Studebaker-Packard to handles sales of Mercedes-Benz products.

The 1960 model line for the Lark was much the same as the year before except now a convertible model and a wagon model were offered. It is believed the Studebaker Lark Station Wagon was their most successful vehicle in 1960. Studebaker also offered a new truck in its lineup called the "Champ" based on a 122 inch wheel base. It appeared very much like a Lark and the instrument panel could be interchanged with the Lark.

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