1960 Studebaker Lark

Front Left Green 1960 Studebaker Lark Car Picture

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The Studebaker Lark was being accepted by the public. It was 16" shorter than the Nash Rambler and it looked European in style compared to the Rambler. There were two basic lines, the Lark VI (V6) and the Lark VIII (V8). The Lark was considered by Popular Science "a fresh idea in small cars." In 1960, Studebaker offered its station wagon model optionally with four doors rather than just two as in 1958.

It wasn't very long before the number of dealers and the number of applications for new dealerships increased. The so-called "Big Three" of the American automotive world did not have any compact cars in 1959 to compete in this market niche. They did bring new compact models out in 1960 but Studebaker had accomplished a profit in 1959 without the addition of a completely new car. The Lark was available in a Deluxe trim and the Regal trim.

Lark introduced a convertible as well in 1960. CARS magazine voted the Lark as the best of the new compacts stating in their June edition "Our tests showed Lark to be a top-notch over-the-road car with admirable performance." Because some of the materials that used were made stronger so that the Lark drove better than many of the former Studebaker models.

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