1958 Studebaker Silver Hawk

Front Left Black 1958 Studebaker Silver Hawk Car Picture

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Studebaker-Packard did not build the full Hawk series in 1958. The company was having a losing year and the company recorded a loss of $22 million in the first nine months. Studebaker truck sales were also dropping and the company president, Harold Churchill, was counting on the introduction of his new idea for a smaller vehicle in the fall would help bring up company profits. This car would be known as the Studebaker Lark.

Meanwhile, the Golden Hark and the Silver Hawk, virtually the same as the previous year, meant this could be the last year of production of Hawks. On the positive side, the contract for the Mercedes-Benz line of cars was achieving results and, in its way, helping to save the company.

For the first time, air conditioning was available for the Silver Hawk and the wheels could be had reduced to 14" making the car a bit closer to the road. The Silver Hawk was not produced in 1956 but the Power Hawk and the Flight Hawk did exist and the Silver Hawk by 1958 was replacing those models. The car still featured the nearly vertical grill adopted from Packard.

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