1958 Studebaker President

Front Right Rose and White 1958 Studebaker President Car Picture

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In 1958, Studebaker-Packard lost around $22 million in the first nine months. The company could bring out new product designs but it seemed they were always two years behind. For example, while other car companies had used quad lights for their new cars, in the 1957 design year, Studebaker had not tried to add that feature to their cars. Take the 1958 Studebaker-Packard President which, if it had been brought out a couple years sooner, probably would have been quite acceptable to the public. It was the wrap-around windshield problem all over again; just too late.

The 1958 Studebaker President, however, did have four headlights for the latter months of the year. This was accomplished by adding "grafted-on pods" so it looked like completely correct. But the car, which was only built for the one year, annoyed some because the quad lights weren't on the early units and the tail fins were actually bolted on to the fenders.

There are many car buffs who believe the 1958 Studebaker President Starlight was the best car ever built by Studebaker. The year was not a good one for the auto industry in general. The only two cars that actually earned profits were the Ford Thunderbird and the Nash Rambler. It was the year that people were asking whether American car builders were concerned with higher quality, or even better quality.

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