1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Front Left Gray and Gold 1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk Car Picture

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In 1957, Studebaker-Packard made some changes that would affect the 1957 and 1958 Golden Hawks. The car switched from using 15" tires to 14" making the car a bit lower. The rear tail fins were designed from metal and were concave in shape sweeping out from the trunk. The Packard 4.7L V8 engine was still available and it was also offered with a turbo-charger developing 275 HP. The car's instrument panel was effectively designed so that most of the required gauges were visible through the steering wheel opening. This gave the Golden Hawk one of the best instrument panels on the market.

The lower center of gravity improved the driving and handling of the car. It was known for easily going up to and maintaining speeds of 120-130 mph. Packard brought out its version of the Golden Hawk, very similar in style to the Studebaker version except it had a wide front mouth across pretty much the width of the car giving it an odd look to some critics.

Neither the Studebaker nor the Packard products did well around this time. James Nance had brought Studebaker and Packard together but at the time, he was not fully aware of the financial problems faced by Studebaker. Both companies entered the deal as they thought each could be saved by doing so. At one point, Nance needed more cash and he convinced Roy Hurley, President of the Curtis-Wright company to work with Studebaker-Packard. Hurley thought that Curtis-Wright would expand its share of the US military contracts having "saved" Studebaker-Packard. Nance, because Hurley did not seem too fond of him, left Studebaker-Packard in 1956 when the company was near insolvency. For his part, Hurley now felt he had control but was not in too deep financially. Hurley had not hid the fact that he intended to close the Packard operations and go it alone with the higher production in Studebaker's South Bend plant.

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