1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk

Front Left Black and Yellow 1956 Studebaker Hawk Car Picture

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Studebaker had finally introduced the 289 V8 engine to the public. Its own transmission was not up-to-par with the trannys of the day so, for the Golden Hawk cars, they used the Ultramatic from Packard. The other cars used cheaper transmissions said to be "off-the-shelf."

Studebaker became associated with Packard in 1954 when Packard bought out Studebaker. Packard did a redesign for their 1955 and 1956 vehicles but the bigger Studebaker network did not help much and both Studebaker and Packard would soon be out of business. The last actual Packard was produced on June 26th, 1956.

It was a time when auto builders were developing such things as disc brakes and rack-and-pinion steering. The financial problems faced by Studebaker-Packard did not let their own engineers fully develop products for their line of cars. The 1956 Sky Hawk was a nice looking model especially with the two-tone paint job.

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