1955 Studebaker Starliner

Front Right Black 1955 Studebaker Starliner Car Picture

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There was little doubt the Studebaker Starliner had met the criteria of how a good car could be styled. With its low flowing lines, it attracted the glances of passers-by. This particular model was sort of a prototype that never became the accepted version. According to Conceptcarz Studebaker went with a face lift approach and added more chrome to the front end.

This was the first year of the Studebaker-Packard alliance and the major model changes were planned for 1956. Studebaker cars in 1955 ranged in price from $1741 - $3253 with the Studebaker President Speedster at the high end. The year marked a loss in total registrations compared to 1954.

The year marked a time when the registrations of the independent car builders Nash, Hudson, Studebaker, and Packard dropped around 35% as a group. Raymond Loewy was in his last year as a Studebaker designer. James Nance felt Loewy was depending too much on the European look in his designs. In place of Loewy, Nance hired a designer from Ford, Duncan McRae, who was to work on the 1956 models.

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