1955 Studebaker President State

Rear Right Yellow and White 1955 Studebaker President State Picture

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Studebaker-Packard found that the Studebaker model line did not increase in sales significantly in 1955 compared to the Packard line which doubled its sales from the previous year. For some reason, the Studebaker models were not appealing to the buying public. There was a need to have a major upgrade leading to the 1956 models.

The 289 cubic inch "Wildcat" engine came with a four barrel carburetor for 185 HP. The car still had a low body and very streamlined. At this point of time, rivals to the Studebaker were presenting brand new models whereas the Studebaker models featured revisions to the 1953 line of cars.

Studebaker was losing money and, at the same time, it was losing former loyal customers who wanted to see more unique upgrades. The company only had about one-third of the 1952 market for Studebaker cars. Studebaker's registration count fell between 1954 and 1955.

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