1953 Studebaker Starliner

Front Left Blue and White 1953 Studebaker Starliner Car Picture

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The years 1951-1953 seemed to mark a turning point for Studebaker, not necessarily good. The Korean war was dragging on and few changes were made on the 1951 and 1952 models. The lack of chrome for cars in general meant the thin layer of chrome used would soon be wearing off. The year 1952 would mark the 100th anniversary for the Studebaker company. All-new bodies meant for the year of celebration had to be put off so the 1953 models were to benefit in new exciting styling.

The "Studebaker Centennial Models of 1953" as called by the company were expected to draw heavy sales as did the cars in the early post World War II years. The low lines meant a reduced center of gravity, aided by a newly designed suspension, and improved visibility by more glass area excited the Studebaker designers and the public alike.

Studebaker had sort of given priority to the building of four-door sedans for 1953 as they had been outselling the coupes in most years. In fact, the new coupe was not really expected to be introduced for the 1953 models. The coupe design was so appealing however, that the sedan model was ordered to be designed to take on the coupe's general appearance. Unfortunately, it was found on the assembly line that some of the coupe parts meant to be used on the sedan simply didn't fit. Studebaker was to face several manufacturing problems by the coupe-sedan re-design.

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