1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner

Front Left Cream Colored 1953 Studebaker Commander Car Picture
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The 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner was one of the most impressive cars of its time. It was built on the 120.5" wheelbase giving it a longer streamlined appearance. People admired the style and Studebaker was proving to GM who was the designing king. This 1953 and 1954 model is still considered as one of the best styled vehicles of all automotive history.

The Commander was advertised as a car with the European Continental look at a time when competitor models were becoming massive. The 1953 car came with the six cylinder Studebaker engine but the Commander series also could be purchased with the new V-8 engine that had been introduced two years prior. The 1953 demand outstripped the supply causing some concern amongst the Studebaker dealers. You can't sell what you haven't got; a factor that hurt the company profits. Sales of over 186,000 units yielded less profit than in 1952. This was partly due to manufacturing problems but dividends to shareholders were increased once again. In addition, Ford had put on a car sale blitz producing models that were selling at cost or close to cost (GM was forced to use the same practice) which cut into sales of competing car models.

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