1953 Studebaker Champion Starliner

Rear Left Blue 1953 Studebaker Champion Car Picture

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In 1953, Studebaker had released a new design for its series of automobiles. The style was of the European flair with a low silhouette and sleek flowing styling lines. The car was given the honor of being presented with a Fashion Academy Gold Medal for its "outstanding design and distinctive style." The company did not produce any open-top convertibles which would be the policy until the 1960 models came out, nevertheless, the hard-tops were the envy of all car manufacturers. The Champion coupe was known as the "Champion Starlight" with the hard-top version being called the "Champion Starliner."

There was a definite demand for the auto but problems at the company manufacturing plants put the production of cars behind schedule and Studebaker lost the momentum of sales that it had in the first months of presenting the car. The car was still only available with the basic 6 cylinder engine with power steering an option. The front end was more lower to the ground than its competitors; in fact, the styling was "radical" enough that many thought it was meant to be a Studebaker concept car.

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