1953 Studebaker Champion

Front Right Gray 1953 Studebaker Champion Car Picture
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Studebaker was being tested as a viable business in the years 1953 - 1955. The fall out from World War II and the Korean War was a factor Studebaker had to face. Previously, the building of vehicles for the military had taken up some of the slack in car sales but that period was now ended.

During the re-design period for the 1952 models one designer, Robert Bourke, who was associated with Raymond Loewy, was working on a European low-slung type of model that he hoped would be acceptable to Studebaker. Intended to be what might be called a concept car, Bourke styled it in a such a way that he felt it could go into production if Studebaker agreed. Loewy liked what he saw and persuaded Studebaker to build it. It was meant to be a single two-door coupe and there were no sedan or station wagon models of this particular car which was built on a 120.5" wheelbase.

A decision was made at Studebaker, however, to take the styling and apply it to the other model lines. That meant applying the styling to a shorter 116.5" wheel base used on sedans except for the Commander which had already been using 120.5". Somehow the design did not work as it made the cars appear a little beefed up because of the shorter wheelbase.

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