1952 Studebaker Commander Sedan

Left Side Green 1952 Studebaker Commander Car Picture

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1952 marked the 100th anniversary for Studebaker and a good reason to re-design its car line. Again the front end was significantly changed. Gone was the bullet nose which became a more conventional looking hood but with a v-shaped point leading down to the grill. The basic body lines remained much the same as the 1951 year but the vehicle had a new trunk design and new taillights. Studebaker continued to have car models which were pleasing and accepted by the public but car sales still dropped by over 50,000.

Because the company kicked back some 50% of earnings to the share holders, profits fell. In addition, Studebaker was hampered by decreased productivity and high labor costs because of previous union demands it had agreed to. All these factors were making the corporation face the possibility it might have problems staying in business.

Studebaker was still a styling leader but in need of generating more money to put into research and tool design at a time when competition in the automotive market was becoming more evident.

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