1952 Studebaker Pickup

Front Left Black 1951 Studebaker Pickup Truck Picture

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In 1949, Studebaker had brought out a line of pickup trucks which sold well and helped Studebaker in the overall sales figures. However, over the next few years it appeared the company did not pay enough attention to improving their line of trucks. Granted, the Korean War had accounted for a good measure of truck sales but did little for new research and development of products. There had been strikes at Chrysler and Ford and these companies held out until the union members accepted pay and benefits that helped the companies as much as the workers. Studebaker, however, seemed to give in to the the unions and company profits fell.

Studebaker's military vehicle sales in 1951 accounted for 12% of sales and the company predicted that this would increase to 50% by 1952. The total number of vehicle sales in 1951 dropped by some 49,000 units compared to the year before. The year 1952 would mark the 100th year of business for the company. Studebaker did produce new designed models for its line of cars, however, there were no significant styling changes for the trucks, only minor changes such as dashboard instrument locations and truck colors. In some cases, Studebaker 2R trucks were even carried over from one year to another.

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