1951 Studebaker Commander

Front Left Blue 1951 Studebaker Commander Car Picture

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Studebaker put extra dollars into advertising that the Studebaker Commander could now be purchased with a new V-8 engine. This engine was superior in that it gave better mileage than many other V-6s and v-8s at this time. Advertisements also mentioned that the Commander was still one of the lowest priced cars in its class. Some slight changes were made to the front end but the bullet nose design was still a highlight.

The V-8 engine would put Studebaker in the class of Ford cars which had offered a V-8 engine for some time and put Studebaker ahead many other manufacturers such as Pontiac, Nash, and Packard which had yet to offer V-8 engines. The engine displaced 232.6 cubic inches and developed 120 HP. The company felt that the public would like the engine and surmised correctly they would begin asking for even more powerful V-8 engines.

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