1951 Studebaker Champion Starlight

Front Left Pink 1951 Studebaker Champion Car Picture

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There was some re-design done to the spinner on the bullet nose of the 1951 Studebaker models and the year was marked with Studebaker's introduction of its first V-8 engine. The 120 HP V-8 was not available for the Starlight coupe which sported a smaller 85 HP six-cylinder engine.

The Korean War effort was having some negative effect on car manufacturers and Studebaker found itself with a record breaking total revenue of over a half billion dollars and yet yielding $10 million less in profits. The government was setting price controls for manufacturing materials which cut the markup to some extent. It also seemed that the money to shareholders and a new labor package cut into company profits. In 1950, 12% of Studebaker's volume sales were military vehicles and the company held out hope it would increase in the next year sales.

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