1950 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe

Front Right Yellow 1950 Studebaker Champion Car Picture

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The wraparound rear window gave this Studebaker model a unique appearance. The Starlight set a new tone for styling cars and other manufacturers started to follow the Studebaker with individual and prominent styling effects of their own. Studebaker was credited for starting the exciting trend in the postwar years.

In 1950, Studebakers were equipped with front wheel suspension and shock absorbers were mounted within the coil spring on the front wheels. This independent front wheel suspension used heavy rubber insulation at the top and bottom of each spring to help control the sound that came from the car's operation.

The company net profits decreased because of higher taxes and a loss in production because of labor problems. Around this time, Studebaker decided to increase the slice of pie to its shareholders rather than invest more into the company. Studebaker was continuing this past procedure of increasing dividends which, although great if you were a shareholder, would allow other auto manufacturers to forge ahead as they felt their automobile businesses required substantial money for research and development and for new manufacturing plants. This method of increasing dividends to shareholders rather than invest in the company would come to haunt Studebaker.

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