1950 Studebaker Champion

Front Right Blue 1950 Studebaker Champion Car Picture

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The above shows the bold lines of the Studebaker Champion which in the postwar era was considered very modern and exiting. This Champion features a special front bumper and a chrome guard on the front edge of the rear fender. The Studebaker line of cars stood out from the rest of the competition and Studebaker was able to convert to a new type of steel introduced to the auto market which meant it could sell its own steel mill to gain some cash for the company.

At the beginning of the 1950, when many thought Studebaker was going broke, the company actually had a net worth of $85 million which at that time was very good. Prices on the cars ranged from $1419 for the three passenger model to $2328 for the Commander Regal Deluxe. The company, however, was putting the word out that prices would be further reduced which in turn might increase profits because of the expected volume of future car sales.

The nose cone spinner was introduced in 1950 as the jet age was arriving but would be discontinued on the 1952 models. People were divided on whether they liked it and some, after looking at the design of the car, especially with the wraparound rear window that had been introduced in 1947, asked which way the Studebaker was going, implying it looked much the same either way. "Was it going or coming?" they chuckled.

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