1950 Studebaker Champion

Front Left Black 1950 Studebaker Champion Car Picture

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The 1950 Studebaker lends itself to be restyled or upgraded with various add-on third party accessories. At the time Studebaker was taking steps to reduce the weight of their vehicles. This business coupe model only carried three passengers but it was the new "jet-propelled" design that became popular and appealled to Studebaker's younger customers.

Studebaker advertised that the car offered "trustworthy craftsmanship" and new features such as variable ratio steering, automatic choke, and improved dash lights.

In 1950, Studebaker increased its total sales of cars and trucks by nearly 10%. It sold over 355,000 vehicles with net profits reaching 22.5 million dollars, which was around 5 million less that the previous year. The Champion was one of the four lowest selling cars for the industry. The car was more dependable but still only managed 16 miles per gallon. At the time the public seemed to want more power and gasoline was much cheaper than today.

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