1950 Studebaker Champion Starlight

Rear Right Gray 1950 Studebaker Starlight Car Picture
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The Studebaker Champion Starlight had an appealing starting price of $1671 for a 5-passenger vehicle featuring great styling. The front featured the new bullet-nose look that was to be used for the next two years on Studebaker models. The jet-like look was not favored by some car buyers but it gained Studebaker a reputation as the most recognizable of the modern automobiles. This style had been suggested by Raymond Loewy to one of his employees, Bob Bourke, who created the perhaps radical final design.

The car included the new Studebaker independent front suspension and the popular wraparound rear window for this five-passenger coupe. It helped the 1950 sales from Studebaker which finalized at 334,554 cars and trucks, an increase of 9.7%, although the company only made a 1% net increase in profits.

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