1950 Studebaker Champion Commander

Front Right Maroon 1950 Studebaker Commander Car Picture

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The 1950 Studebaker Commander was the largest of the models in the Champion line. It was built at the Studebaker plant in Hamilton, Ontario. The car was designed with a 113" wheelbase, the same as the 2010 Dodge Journey but a 120" Commander was available as well as an even longer Land Cruiser model with a wheelbase of 124"; so it was a reasonably large car for the time. The car was noted for its reliability, its ruggedness, and for its dollar value for purchase.

The four fenders of the Studebaker were each bolted on so that a fender could be repaired or replaced with relative ease. The front dash panel was designed so it was closer to the driver. In addition, the car welcomed a new automotive transmission to go with the 85 hp six cylinder engine.

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