1950 Studebaker Champion

Front Left Aqua 1950 Studebaker Champion Car Picture

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The 1950 Studebaker Champion with its prominent "Rocket" nose seemed to catch the attention of the viewers and with the flowing lines of its hood, roof and trunk panels made the styling very much approved by the public. Studebaker had introduced a new bold design in 1947 and it was once again bringing out a car "new look" appearance that possibly was America's most advanced new car.

This new look was found on all the 1950 Studebaker models which the company effectively promoted in Studebaker advertisements. The Studebaker Champion was considered one of the best bargains in the low-priced class of automobiles. The Champion came with an increased wheelbase and overall length and a special three-seater model that was made to appeal to younger drivers. Studebaker also encouraged a wide market in add-on items such as bumper guards and mud flaps.

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