The Studebaker Lazy S Logo

The Lazy S Logo

History of the Studebaker Lazy S Logo

It was not unusual that one of most uniquely designed cars in the 1960's should also have one of the most uniquely designed logos. The logo was designed by no other than Raymond Loewy, the engineer credited for the design of the cars featured by the logo in the years 1964-1968.

Studebaker had been producing non-automotive vehicles since 1852 and moved the company to automobiles in 1902 with electric vehicles. In 1904, the company began manufacturing gasoline driven motor cars and over the years produced products that featured both quality and reliability. Throughout its history, Studebaker maintained a good record by building military vehicles and keeping thousands of people employed during periods of war.

Raymond Loewy was an Industrial Engineer who was involved in the design of a variety of projects. In his early years, he worked as a window display designer for such firms as Macy's and Saks. His career progressed and Loewy used his innovative skills helping design the Gestetner duplicating machine, the Hupmobile car styling, and the Coldspot refrigerator.

It was the work Loewy did for Studebaker that he is most remembered. Loewy was not a Studebaker employee but he had a design firm of associates and this firm did work as consultants for Studebaker. Loewy had been playing with a stylalized S for several years and, in fact, had used a form of a stylalized S in an earlier Studbaker logo.

The logo pictures below show the progression of the Studebaker logo over the years and the beginnings of the stylalized S design:

Early Studebaker Logo Picture The Wheel Studebaker Logo Picture 1940's Studebaker Logo Picture

The third logo above was created for the 1940's and included a "lazy S" in the design.

Loewy's later design was distinctive and yet simple in form. Once people connected it with the Studebaker name, they were apt to remember it. Some people make comparison's of the modern Pepsi-Cola logos with the Studebaker S and colors but in fact, the Loewy design was a more elaborated logo in tune with the complexity of an automobile.

Perpsi-Cola Logo Picture Flaired Pepsi-Cola Logo Picture Loewy Lazy S Logo Picture

In addition to the Lazy S graphic, Loewy also designed a distinctive "Studebaker" logo text that could be used in advertisements along with the graphic. The public often does not realize that sometimes the text letters they are reading were actually skillfully designed to make a name or word more appealing.

Studebaker Text Logo Picture

Please Note: The stylalized S logo is owned by Studebaker, and was designed by Raymond Loewy for Studebaker. It is a historical logo. Its historical usage is as follows: In use from 1964 to 1968. It was used by the now defunct automaker in its final years of production.

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